Nilrem the Wizard Lancer

  We’re OHAB Comics, a small startup company that is looking to do some amazing things! We feel as if the big names in comic books no longer deliver what people really want out of comic books, and we are going to change that. The way we will do that is by listening to our audience, writing well-thought-out stories, and with help from amazing artists.

  One of the biggest problems with modern entertainment companies is that they refuse to put their characters to rest, and it causes a feeling of low stakes, or it butchers a character you loved. This is one of the root problems that inspired us to write our comics.

  OHAB Comics seeks to change this and more. Fed up with an industry that regurgitates characters and storylines over and over again we, Shawn Allen and Connor Brown, have created a universe in which even the most beloved characters will have a canonical death and permanent consequences for their actions, whether they be good or bad. We refuse to write ourselves out of changing and evolving our universe through even things like a multiverse or time travel. This is the way comics should be written...